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Ruby, the wiggle dancer

Jan 09

yep just 3 . . .

Jan 08

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Finally. . . I slept in my own bed for the first time since Ruby’s surgery – heavenly!  Ruby and Latte resumed their normal sleeping arrangements in the garage.  Since Latte has to go outside about four times a night they both moved out there about two months ago.  It was hard enough for me to put them out there then, now I had to put a 3 legged, still slightly shaved Ruby out in the garage again.  Not easy . . . but everyone was fine in the morning, especially me, after a good night’s sleep!  Ruby is hopping up and down the two steps from the garage with no problem – haven’t let her tackle anything more yet.

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Jan 06

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Day 16.  Another milestone – for the first time since her surgery, Ruby grabbed one of her stuffed toys, the Christmas hedgehog and played.  Yay!!  Life is good – everybody play!  Click here to view the video:    WARNING:  I had no idea that I entirely speak in babytalk when talking to this dog.  Best to just turn down the volume while viewing.  I was getting on my own nerves listening 🙂  Also, I’m very new to this video thing and I’m sure this could have been edited or something . . . but just look at Ruby having fun on 3 legs – that’s what counts!  (Supporting role in the video goes to the much ignored 4 legged dog Latte.)

Jan 04

Big day around Ruby-land.  Bright and early today Ruby had her stitches out.  She’s been a model patient, never really trying to lick or chew on her incision.  While the scar still looks pretty big – it really looks much better than even a few days ago and her fur seems to be growing back pretty quickly.  She jumped up the curb in front of the vet’s and  back down it on our way out.  I haven’t really let her attempt any steps yet.  When we got home we figured it was a good time to test the doggie door – I went on the other side of the door and called her – she hopped right through!  As I’ve been told, these tripawds can really do more than some of us give them credit for.  I had a great video of the event but in my excitement, deleted it.  Oh well, I guess I’ll have to do a re-shoot . . .  She’s getting back to much more of her routine – not sleeping quite as much – and walking/hopping better and better each day.

Jan 01

Happy New Year to all . . . the last 11 days have been a roller coaster ride.  But, we are adapting to 3 legged life.  (That’s me and Jim, I kind of think Ruby is already there . . . and of course Latte doesn’t even notice).  Ruby seems comfortable but is spending most of her day sleeping (healing sleep I’m sure).  We’re thankful to all of the support we’ve received and hope to pay it forward.  Wiggle-dance all you tripawds into the New Year!

Dec 31

Here’s Ruby at top speed . . . of course there’s a treat at the end of this little run. (10 days post-amp)

Click here to view video on youtube:


Bless her little tripawd heart!

Dec 30

doggie door dilemma

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Help . . . Hoping to be sleeping in my own bed next week – need to find a doggie door solution.  The current set up has about a six” rise and about a 17″ opening.  We think Ruby would be able to hop over the rise but then wouldn’t have enough height to clear the opening.  Going to a larger doggie door means an even higher rise and we’re worried she may not be able to hop over it.  Has any one come up with a good solution?

Dec 30


Ok, even if I have 4 legs . . . I’m still pretty cute, right?

Dec 29

healing sleep . . .

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Happy dreams Ruby!

Dec 27

Ruby catching rays with her menangerie

6 days out. Realized I’ve been housebound without even a walk. For someone who walks every day that’s an eternity. With Ruby resting in her crate and Latte working on achieving her 23 hours of required sleep, I laced on the shoes for a quick five mile walk – not really very long for me. Whaaaaa….1/2 mile into it my back was killing me (from the night on the floor with Ruby the first night and the following nights on the couch that’s not really designed for sleeping?) and I felt winded. Is it possible to lose your endurance in less than 6 days? What really hurt was the phantom limb pain…the ache I felt from my missing appendage, Ruby. We walked nearly everyday. I used to say to myself….sheesh, if Ruby wasn’t with me we wouldn’t have to stop every five feet to smell the flowers or attempt to make friends with every jogger passing by. I’d be able to get a little more distance in or go a little faster. As they say, be careful what you wish for… But, it’s not about me…Ruby’s making good progress and seems to be comfortable most of the time. She did spend most of the night standing in her pen for some reason – maybe just not sleepy with her schedule out of whack? One maybe uncomfortable? Either way she’s been dozing all morning, looking forward to her next meal…and the beat goes on.