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Ruby, the wiggle dancer

Apr 29

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What a gorgeous day in Elk Grove at the Cure Canine Cancer Walk. Someone said they heard there were 500 hundred walkers. Seems that there were at least twice that many dogs, dogs of every breed – and imagine, some with only 3 legs! Below are some of the pix from the event. Jim, my photog, wants to pretty them up but I thought they looked great so here they are. Hopefully we’re a few steps closer to finding a cure for canine cancer . . .

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Apr 28

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Oh yes . . . I see long dog walks in my future once again! This is Ruby’s fancy new ride, a Croozer. She’s a little hesitant yet about getting in – but that’s what treats are for right? We’ll get to give it a whirl tomorrow at the Cure Canine Cancer Walk in Elk Grove. Hoping this will give her the opportunity to hop along for as long as she wants with an option to take a cruise . . . or should I say crooze . . . when she gets tired. 4-legged Latte is already trying to figure out how she can squeeze in . .

Apr 28

Phhhew . . .

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Hear that sound? That’s me exhaling after Ruby’s visit with vet. She’s great but that little lump that the vet checked out before her surgery for the big evil lump and said was nothing had grown more than twice the size. Every day as I petted Ruby I felt that lump. Another evil lump? I prayed not. Of course the vet knew when he said don’t worry. But, if you’ve got a tripawd cancer survivor, that worry is always just under the surface ready to bubble up at the slightest change. So, the lump which is now pretty big is just a lipoma – harmless. If it gets too big, it may have to be removed but easy peasy – it’s on the surface and is a simple procedure. At the rate it’s growing probably by the end of summer it will need to go. I must say I thank our lucky stars every day that Ruby’s cancer was only soft tissue and not bone. We’ll gladly put up with a lipoma (and a nasty stye in her eye, an ear infection, occasional incontinence, etc). We are very very lucky.

Ruby - April 2012

Apr 15

Ruby, Latte and I attended the NorCal Tripawds Pawty yesterday at the Mill Valley Dog Park. We loved meeting other members of the Tripawd community – so many who provided unbelievable support, advice, and strong shoulders as we went through Ruby’s surgery and recovery. Of course, Ruby and Latte’s favorite part of the pawty was the doggie bacon cake! Ruby also thought the limo ride back to the car via Lylee’s chariot and Joanne was pretty cool too . . .

Here’s the link to the Marin Independent Journal newspaper article that appeared in today’s paper.

And here’s a few pix . . . a good time was had by all!

Apr 10

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Not sure that 8 legs would have fit . . .

Feb 25

Saturday morning “hop” with Ruby, now 2 month post-amp – click here to view:
Ruby, long may you run

Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our beloved tripawds (and quadpawds) from Ruby and Cindy

Feb 11

Team Tripawds!

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Hopefully we'll be a little more energetic for the walk!

Ruby and I are happy to say that we’ve joined Team Tripawds for the 2012 Elk Grove K9 Cancer Walk on 4/29. We may even bring along the 4-legged Latte! Looking forward to meeting other members of the Nor Cal Tripawd community. For our friends and family who check in here now and then to see how we’re doing (ok I mean mainly Ruby but “we’re” doin’ ok too!) if you have a 4 legged “best friend” (or even a 3 legged one) this is a great cause to support. This event supports the Morris Animal Foundation Canine Cancer Campaign. The goal is to raise $60,000 for research to prevent, treat and ultimately cure cancer in dogs. Check out this link:

Jan 22

I know this picture makes it look like Ruby has two  legs in front but, no, this is a tripawd . . . just one front leg.  I’m amazed at how quickly she’s healing.  Her fur is quickly growing back and the incision/scar is almost no longer visible.

Jan 22

One Month Ampuversary

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Yes, only one month, but it seems like a year looking back.  The vet was right – at four weeks quality of life pretty close to before surgery.  I don’t see any long walks in Ruby’s immediate future but she’s her normal, silly, happy self, and for that we are very thankful!

One Month Ampuversary