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Ruby, the wiggle dancer

Jan 09

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yep just 3 . . .

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7 comments so far

  1. riosmom
    5:06 pm - 1-9-2012

    Look at you, girl! You are just a ham!!!! Glad to see you lovin’ life on three legs!


    • Cindy
      5:31 am - 1-10-2012

      We’re doing our best! Thanks!

  2. Mary G
    5:37 pm - 1-9-2012

    Hey Ruby!! You, Latte and your mom make me laugh! You are so cute! Lucy likes it when I read her and show her your blogs! Keep up the fun!

    Mary, Lucy’s mom

    • Cindy
      5:34 am - 1-10-2012

      Thanks, Ruby is pretty cute and she’s really workin’ the 3-legged angle! Latte’s wondering if it’s even worth having 4 legs due to the lack of attention she’s now getting . . . (Of course we know she’s not really serious about that!)

  3. Dakota Dawg
    5:46 pm - 1-9-2012

    Hey! You remind me of Abby, who is “too sexy for her leg.” If you haven’t seen that picture, you need to. It will make Ruby howl, I’m sure. Ruby and Abby are Tripawd centerfolds!


    • Cindy
      5:35 am - 1-10-2012

      Where do I find Abby’s picture?

    • Cindy
      5:36 am - 1-10-2012

      Where do I find Abby’s picture?

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